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This little guy lives in my deck pot.  I’m under his spell, in a classic-fairy- tale-kind-of- way.


Cover art for THE FROG PRINCE

Stephen Mitchell wrote an inspired gem of a book, The Frog Prince for Adults, a different kind of love story about, well, you know, a frog who becomes a prince. The twist is that it takes place after a crack in reality occurs during the 16th century, a time plagued with unusual phenomena and magic afoot everywhere.

Mitchell’s first paragraph~

There are two kinds of women: those who marry princes and those who marry frogs. The frogs never become princes, but it is an acknowledged fact that a prince may very well, in the course of an ordinary marriage, gradually, at first almost imperceptibly, turn into a frog. Happy the woman who after twenty-five years still wakes up beside the prince she fell in love with.”

Mitchell’s last paragraph~ 

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