The Cheery Red Flame of Happiness lights up the darkness of Winter and sets the stage for the rest of the year.

my 2012 Jan. red candle


A frozen dusting of white surprises the fern and I, blinding us to the reality that Spring is just around the corner.

MY 2012 FEB--Fern in the snow


A flowering Almond, happy in its existence ushers in the optimism of Spring in all it’s glory

my 2012 March--spring flowering almond blossoms with sky


Pink Camellia adorns St. Anne’s Chapel evoking a sense of wonderment and beauty akin to a fairy tale

my 2012 April--springtime at grotto anne's chapel with camilla bush


The watercolors of May paint my imagination with a dreamy persistence.

my 2012 MAY--The Grotto in full bloom


A Japanese Maple beams brightly in the warm sun of early summer

my 2012 JUNE--beautiful japanese maple in sunlight beams


Luscious Yellow Roses enlighten Miss Lillian’s Lovely Garden

my 2012 JULY--yellow roses in Lillian's garden


The sherbet skies of Summer tempt me with the cool sizzle at the onset of a deliciously hot night

my 2012 --AUG sunset sky


The happy faces of pink anenomes reach for the pale blue skies and cottony clouds of…

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