Serendipitous Perspectives

Dragonflies fascinate me. The way they flitter about rapidly around water.their incredible colour and gentle, often iridescent wings. Hard to capture in flight unless you can track them with a camera. A feat I have yet to capture effectively. Leaving gentle rings of movement of the water. But when they alight, zooming in can capture stunning beauty of natures incredible designs. Spending time watching numerous dragonflies play amongst the lillies on the dam near Robs yesterday was pure delight, wonder and contentment. I can watch them for ages. The first four photographs are from yesterday.

For me they are a very special insect. I have a simple dragonfly design tattooed on my ankle. Having meaning when I see them. Reminding me of ..

Inner peace
Hearts Desire

One of my favourite books is “Dragonfly in Amber” by Diana Gabaldon. I love the phrase…

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