Writing for Joy: An Unpublished Showcase

I’ve been looking through my old folders of writing and I was surprised when I came across the very first poem that I wrote. I didn’t realise that I still had that one. I had just turned 14. I could rework this one, I could draft it and refine it -but I don’t want to. There’s something special about ‘The First Poem’. It’s not particularly refined, but I love the sentiment: it tells me a lot about my 14 year old self. So, dear bloggers, I share with you – the very first poem I ever wrote.

Civilised – Us or Them?

They call us civilised:
Us with murder and rape,
Abduction and abuse,
Violence and pollution.
They call us civilised,
Us with disappearing animals
Black seas and black skies,
Vanishing forests and vanishing tribes.

We call them unadvanced:
They with peace and unity,
Loyalty and faith,
In touch with…

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