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I cower in a corner
My knees drawn to my chest
Trying to make myself as small a target as possible
Maybe then he won’t attack me again
My own father
And I am not even ten yet.
I lie in a field
My dupatta in shreds beside me
Like my dignity
I know no one is looking forme
I’m a lowly farmer’s wife
And my caste is too low for me to matter.
I’m naked in a police station
My protectors are my assaulters
My village razed to the ground
“Suspected terrorists” is the cry
My pleas are not enough to convince them
My body is my punishment.
I nurse my baby girl in fear
They might snatch her away from me any moment now
They haven’t let me feed her
Her existence is an annoyance, an irritant
Her grandmother dropped her on her head
Two days after she…

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