Such a powerful and insightful article.

Lantern Post

There is no escaping it! I tried, I honestly did … turning my face to the glorious spring sunshine this Sunday morning, blocking my thoughts from the various news channels, and Internet, and blogs, and papers. But turning my head to the other side did not work. I could not escape it. Just like I never could.

The talk, the stench, the cries of war … war dogs are getting out again.

And it bothers me. It bothers me because some 20 odd years ago those same dogs, using the same self-proclaimed and self-fulfilling righteous ideologies and iconographies, managed to enflame ethnic and religious fevers, set at the exactly right time and within the exactly right environment, amongst the collapse of communism in Europe, to stage blood baths and destroy the once beautiful country I called mine.

The wound deeply buried inside my chest stirred, nudged with the blade as old, and as…

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