Through the Peacock's Eyes

Across the globe, religious teachings and                                                                         spiritual philosophies tell us that love andDoveHeart compassion will bring us both inner peace and world peace. Through prayer, meditation, contemplation, self-reflection, self-study, awareness, and awakening we can find harmony within and spread harmony with-out: to our personal relationships, our environment, and across the globe.

In the following teaching, The Sharpest Sword, from The Gospel of the Buddha the Buddha tells us how to live a life of peace and harmony:

On a certain day when the Buddha dwelt at Jetavana, a celestial deva came to him in the shape of Brahman, whose countenance was bright and whose garments were white as snow.          …

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Diary of a mind

In pursuit of happiness we all move from one place to another .Sometimes changing jobs,sometimes changing places in the quest to be happy and to seek happiness.We often misinterpret it as  growth in our life where we try to convince ourselves the jump from one company to another shall facilitate growth in the career graph,whereas sometimes we tend to lose our identity in knowing ourselves after getting confused over the kinds of job.

Truth is we need stability as well as the comfort zone of our working,anything that beyond our comfort level isn’t neither  acceptable nor welcomed by us.But the fact remains we do not progress until we step out of that comfort ring.To stay in a place,a career,a company for long should depend on the amount of satisfaction,contentment and progress we have in that particular job.Growth does not only mean a promotion but it involves an overall growth of…

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