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Love is an art

to find the goodness hidden in hearts

and bring it to surface.

Love is a self-made choice

that makes you vulnerable

and hurts you bad.

Love is that strong desire

to see your people happy.

Love is that smile,

that a smile brings on your face.

Love is that which gives you strength

and keeps you going,

inspiring you to be happy.

Love is in small things

that you give up

to bring little joy in people’s lives.

Love is a choice to forgive

and lend a helping hand.

Love is the expression

in eyes that speak “I understand”

Love is in good wishes that keep

sprouting every now and then

Love is in claps,

Love is in mum’s nags

Love is in knowing,

parents will always smile

no matter how much you’ve hurt them.

Love is in a baby’s need

to sleep in your arms

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