watchful savvy

living in the presentAs i said in a previous post of mine, children are great at handling difficulties.  A great talent they have at dealing with challenges is living very much in the present moment.  The ´now´is the perfect escape from worry and anxiety.

Being busy and focussing on a task in hand is key to leaving troubles behind.

Many people recommend focussing on your body and paying attention to how it feels;  go into your stomach if you have anxiety or focus on your chest if there is nervous tension there.  Becoming conscious of your body, accepting the way it feels and realising that you are still safe, really helps to divert attention away from worrisome thoughts.  Breathing deeply and focussing on your breath is another effective technique.  These are all ways you can bring yourself back into the present moment.  For an instantaneous diversion try focussing on an object nearby…

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