Writing for Joy: An Unpublished Showcase

Should you choose to accept, a gift sincere and true:
A healing poem, through the computer from me to you.
Reiki healing I distance-send
To help you heal and newly mend.
Whatever your ache, trouble, pain or sorrow,
This energy light shall help by the morrow.
So just sit and relax, no need to do,
I hope you’ll feel as good as new.

I begin with the symbol of Cho-Ku-Rei
To spiral in and down to energy intensify;
Next I envision Sei-He-Ki,
The release any emotional energy;
Then I draw on Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen,
Clear all past energies and refresh-start again;
Dai-Ko-Myo to charge the healing more fully,
Allow Divine energy to reach deeply and truly.

And now I allow the Reiki Light
To do its work all through the night.
So be at peace and accept this, my gift,
For you to be healed with no divide nor rift
‘Tween your…

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