Wildflower Women

Ayurvedic oil pulling, have you heard of it?  Having read about it in the past, but never having tried it before today I was very surprised by how wonderful my mouth felt when I completed the required 15 minutes of swishing sesame oil around.  Yes, it was difficult to do for 15 minutes and sesame is not the most appealing oil, there is an initial gag reflex.  However I felt a benefit after doing it just one time and from what I have read the benefits seem to far outweigh the small inconveniences.  If you like, you can try coconut oil which you may melt over low heat before putting in your mouth (it will melt in your mouth) or alternatively there are a few oral pulling rinse formulas available at your local health food grocer that are much more pleasant.  For a complete how to on oil pulling, there…

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