Fabulous 50's

 My life is good.  I have had my share of “bad” things happen in my life, mostly to those I love, which has helped me learn that I have limited control over certain things.  I am a spiritual person…not religious… and agree with the message of the “Serenity Prayer”.  

This has usually helped me to handle the stress in my life in a more positive way.   I have everything I need.  My health.  I have friends and family (although a small one) a husband… one grown child (who still lives at home)…my parents are gone and I’m not close to extended family.  All of the basics (shelter/food/clothing)…I have gratitude for everything and know that I’m blessed.  If you read one of my most recent posts, “50 Things I Love”, you know that I receive pleasure from the simple things in life.  Why then do I feel a discontent…an almost…

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