Fun Fit 5K Plus


Be warned,
This movie is hard to watch.
Gut wrenching.
And it will impact you!

This is a must see!
Not only for children, but for the parents and teachers and administration.
Not only that but for all of us,
So that we may pick up the slack left by so many adults.

The lives of 3 children, victims of bullies, are followed.

You watch helplessly as they are called names, hit, choked (yes choked), made fun of, and hurt over and over.

Tears streamed down my face as I felt my heart wanting to reach out to each one of these children.

Two families shared the stories of their sons who each took their own life after years of torment.

One family had consistently had meetings with teachers and administrators.
All of whom reacted as if this was a “boys will be boys” attitude.
They were left feeling helpless.

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