Clicking Away in Sydney at Glass

The High Heel Gourmet

Glass at Hilton Sydney by The High Heel Gourmet 5

From Melbourne now back to Sydney. I actually arrived in Sydney first and went to Melbourne last, but I liked “Red Spice Road” the most so I wanted to blog about it first 🙂 I have to admit that actually Red Spice Road isn’t my top most favorite restaurant in Australia but I’ve been told by my Aussie friends not to blog about my most favorite place, “Pie Face” 😦 Well, if you really want to know about the joint then tell me in the comments. I will pull myself together to write about that for you!

Glass is the restaurant I’m writing about this time. It’s a fancy restaurant at the Hilton hotel in Sydney. I was so in love with the taste of natural ingredients that showed true in every dish I tasted. The most unfortunate thing about living in America is we rarely get to taste foods…

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