The light field that is the runway of your Being

Heru's Light


Walk in the world proud. Know yourself a being of Light, a reflection of the star field under which you sleep. Know yourself radiant. Know that we come upon a star field into your realm to bring you understanding of your Self. A remembering. A forgotten whisper. A turning around to see the light field that is the runway of your being.

Come now, look, look into the mirror of your soul, and understand your Self, standing there, watching, waiting, seeing glimpses of the truth; the truth longing to be told; the truth longing to be walked in the world. And that is Being. And that is Being.

Being is connection. Being is right thinking that is oneness with spirit of Self. Know this, you are that spirit when you are in Being, and you are in Being when you are in that spirit. And you are always spirit, and thus, always Being. This is a Truth. This is the Truth.

Know this and you will be free. You will create your world through the consciousness…

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