High Intensity Disclosures

Covert Geopolitics

Sometimes when you are bombarded with disclosures at an enormous speed, the feeling of being overwhelmed is not too far off. This was our case for the last few days. Some writers call it “mental blackout”. No, we are just too excited. Why not?

When you are able to connect seemingly unrelated events, and paint a picture pointing to a scenario that seems to confirm our long anticipated shutdown of the System, who wouldn’t be?

Maybe it’s the increasing number of people around the world that are anticipating for the Big Event that more whistleblowers are now coming out to say their piece. Be aware, these are no ordinary individual but high-ranking officials, active and retired.

Piece by piece, through these disclosures, we are made to see confirmations of major conspiracy theories that we once were very hesitant to believe. Not only will official confirmations could come from current or…

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