Falling in Love with the Divine



Now is the time for a revolution…a revolution of love. Love knows no conditions and asks for nothing in return. Grabbing for what is mine leaves us empty and grabbing for more protecting what we falsely believe is ours. There is an abundance a fullness a completeness always with us.  Choosing that loving healing fullness is always a choice.  The divine energy will never get involved in our free will.  It will never interfere with the freedom to choose and the goddess is always here supporting and guiding us towards higher and higher awarness abundance love and surrender.  There is nothing wrong with any choice for the divine energy doesn’t know judgement. All duality ceases to exist and yes material abunance is itself beautifull.  So even your grabbing is not judged.  You are loved for that grabbing and forgiven for not remembering that you are fully cared for and loved.  Take a look at what you are grabbing for and get…

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