I have brittle bones it seems

Before we could talk

“I have brittle bones it seems, I bite my tongue and I torch my dreams. I have a little voice to speak with, and a mind of thoughts and secrecy. Things cannot be reversed, we learn from the times that we are cursed, that things cannot be reversed, learn from the one’s we fear the worst, and learn from the one’s we hate the most…”

This song is so hard to listen to. It cuts deep into me. It makes me feel scared, and like a child, and weak, and vulnerable, and then it makes me feel angry, and the picture of the young girl is disturbing when I listen to the words.

How can people hurt children. How can they not care that they’re afraid? I hate abuse! I hate that a man my parents trusted would use me. I hate to think how it’s happened to so many…

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