Evolution of Universe – 1

Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean

As per many ancient scriptures, Universe has evolved from itself and not created by someone. The Brahma(Create), Vishnu (Preserve) and Rudra (Destruct) can be attributed to different process heads in this evolution. They are all different aspects of the same consciousness based on their state of being in the process of evolution / devolution.

We are indebted and thankful to the nobel soul Late. Dr. Ganapathi Stapathi, (http://www.vastuved.com/life.htm) who not only unraveled the Vaastu science – the science of Space and time but also brought to light 2 important books which were over 12000+ years old written in Tamil by Mamuni Maayan.

Mamuni Maayan is believed to be the same person who is popularly known in South America as Mayan and the 2012 phenomenon based on Mayan calendar. Dr. Ganapathi has established proofs that the pyramids in Middle East, the temple architecture in India and the structures in Mexico and Guatemala…

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