The legend of Amrapali is a vast subject of Indian history which covers the biographies  of many kings and the danseuse Amrapali,who turned onto the spiritual path after seeing several miseries of life involving power,riches and love.This is just an excerpt from her life.

In the historical city of Vaishali , lived a demure maiden Amrapallli,

renowned for her entrancing charms, her dance wooed  thousands of hearts warm,

of lands far away from territory ,enemies too knew and adored her enamoring ,

a royal court dancer of the state,she enjoyed the attention and luxury unrestrained.


Once a war waged with a neighborly realm, a foe disguised entered the gates of her chamber,

she rescued and cared him,

King Bimbisara, the mighty king of Magadha ,she came to know  was the being,

turning aside instantly she asked  him to stop the waging war….

Promised  her he held the flag…

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