Heinlein’s Rules on Writing

Lantern Post

Recently, Robert A. Heinlein’s Memorial Lecture he delivered to the Brigade of Midshipmen at his alma mater in April 1973 came to my attention, thanks to a thoughtful friend who sent it my way.

As I have never been greater admirer of science-fiction, Heinlein’s work did not spark my interest. That may have been a mistake, although one easily rectifiable by a visit to a local library.

But what most certainly did ignite my interest were his thoughts on writing. Not only  has he spoken frankly about it, but, in a matter of fact way, he dismantled some of the long-established and carefully cultivated myths about writing. Most of which I subscribed to enthusiastically for the best part of my life. The result is rather obvious!

Such as absolute necessity, if not holy duty, of rewriting;

‘A beginner finds hard to believe that no-rewriting rule. A myth has grown up that…

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