Love Is The Most Powerful Force In The Entire World: Its life’s Journey And Only Road To Recovery, Part One


I know first hand about the feelings and the pain associated with wanting to be liked and loved in relationship with my spouse and with other people and it is very real, frightening, heart breaking and such a sad need and desire that could be habit forming. As a matter of fact it is a formed habit. It’s something we all get from our past. But thank goodness for truth.

I like keeping it real most of the time and so the truth of the matter is we are all kicking, screaming, fighting, hating, disliking, operating out of fear, distrust, hurt and rejecting and are being rejected. We are doing a lot of this because we want to be loved. People can be really screwed up and mentally discombobulated. Doing some of the craziest and self harming things that they don’t even understand why they are doing it themselves. It…

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