Mango Passion Fruit Cake with Whipped Yogurt Frosting in a Jar

The High Heel Gourmet

Cake in a jar - Mango Passion Fruit with Whipped Yogurt Frosting by The High Heel Gourmet 7 (1)

If someone asks me whether I am a pie girl or a cake girl, the answer would certainly be pie. I rarely eat cake. The buttercream frosting was the real turn off for me, until I discovered many different kind of cakes and frosting, and that helped, but I still like pies, tarts and pastries more than cake.

When I eat cake, I also like a fluffy, light cake more than a heavier, creamier one. I also prefer cake with a lot of fruits or nuts in it. I know I know it’s not a pie, it’s a cake, but I just can’t help it. I can let red velvet and chocolate cakes slip through the crack in my mind barrier somehow, but my red velvet version is also very fruity. I might even give you the recipe later if I feel like eating it or making it.

I only…

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