A Beginner’s Guide To Australia

Lachlan + Cathy

This week we ordered a few things from an online store selling Australian products to folks in the US, and came across this interesting explanation of Australian cities.

  1. Sydney
    Australia’s first and largest city. Also known as Sin City. Wanted to be capital of Australia but its convict stigma counted against it.
  2. Melbourne
    Wanted to be the capital of Australia on the basis that it was the home to the Australian establishment and was not founded by convicts. Founded by John Batman; son of a convict.
  3. Canberra
    Because Sydney and Melbourne kept bickering over which city should be the capital of Australia, it was decided that neither of them would be capital and instead, a new capital would be built in the middle of them both.
  4. Hobart
    Australia’s second oldest city. The too-frequent visits by French explorers concerned the British authorities and in 1803 it was decided that a colony…

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