The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

The interview with Dawson Church, at the Hay House World Summit, is on pause…

I couldn’t wait until the end of it to share this awesome tip with you…

Allow your tongue to relax and lay on the floor of your mouth….

Now, try to get mad – –

Is this Awesome, or what?!?

According to Dawson, a relaxed tongue signals to the body that we are safe, and there is no reason for the flight, freeze or fight response – – I tried to think about things that bother me AND continue with the relaxed tongue – – No Negative Emotional Response!

If I tried harder, I could start to get upset, but then I realized that my tongue had moved and was no longer relaxed.  Relax the tongue, no stress…

Would love to hear about your experience with this tip!

Back to listening – Toodles! 🙂

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