Yes well…

Beautiful post, poem and song! 🙂


It is done.

At long last this interminable Monday is at an end.

I am at home, no sounds but the occasional car driving past, irritating dogs barking, fingers tapping on the keys. I don’t even have any tunes playing. Think I need the silence after today.

Traffic sucked ass. As per usual. Some dick stuck in the road and either it had no hazzards, or it did not know to put them on – since only people that actually studies and got their driver’s license the hard way would know this. If you just drive because you happened to get your hands on a car, well then…

One good thing. Got my hands on a bottle of wine today. Pineau de laborie. They call it a liqueur wine. Almost like a dessert wine, but more maroon in colour. Like oxblood wine. But it tastes sweet with almost an aftertaste…

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