Best Way to Learn Russian Language

Lada Ray Blog

As a linguist, I often get asked about best ways to learn languages. This post is in response to some of my readers’ questions on how to begin learning Russian.

First, the Big Linguistic Picture: all languages in the world are divided into Language Families. The largest such family is the Indo-European Family of Languages originating from Sanscrit. It includes Hindi, MOST European Languages, Persian, etc.

Which means that we all: the English speakers, French Speakers, German Speakers, Spanish Speakers, Russian speakers, Hindi speakers and… Persian speakers (in other words, Iranians), belong to one huge family. Kinda makes you pause and think, doesn’t it?

The Russian Language is part of the Slavic group of languages, specifically, the Eastern Slavic sub-group, together with Ukrainian and Belorussian.

Russian Language is one of the 4 official UN languages and one of several principal languages on the planet. It is spoken as…

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