I Have To Live With Myself

Professions for PEACE

Today I am sharing an old poem by the ‘People’s Poet’ and it describes the importance of liking ourselves. This is an essential component of raising our self-worth, and strengthening our self-love.

From this foundation we all can see that challenges make life interesting, and the overcoming of them is what makes life worthwhile. We are strong enough for everything we find in our path.

friends with yourselfRemember Victor Hugo’s wisdom: “God doesn’t make fruit grow on branches too weak to bear its weight.” This old adage reminds us that if we are given a challenge it means we are up to it, and the stronger we are sometimes the tougher the obstacle. If we find our self in a rough patch, let’s hold our head high and know that we must be up to the challenge or it wouldn’t have landed in our lap.

Having faith in ourselves and our abilities…

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