Life can’t wait!


It has been quite a long hiatus since i wrote my last post .Now,here I am writing a post on life and the golden rules that had apply .(just

my personal experience and not facts for sure..).By the 20 years of my existence,I had experiences of a life time or I should say lessons

to  lead the life hereafter.For a 20-year-old ,I definitely sound too philosophical or hysterical but that is not the case just plain simple t

hings I learnt and here they are..

1.Trust yourself .

It may be seen as something futile .But,believe me it is a golden rule that has apply everywhere.

Trusting is integral for a great life but try doing things in your stride and feel the difference.

If you do trust,do not expect how it should be done.

2.Don’t share your problems.

Never Tell Your Problems To Anyone...

Unless you do confide in a person ,crying over your problems…

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