Broken Windows Theory


Liberated Way

How Broken Windows Theory impacts prosperity for individual and community.

If you want to enhance this world, small actions matter, as does focus and quality.  I set my target on two nature parks in Colchester: Hilly Fields and Cymbeline Meadows.  In these parks I pick up litter, clear graffiti and do other actions that enhance those parks.  I focus only on these two parks, where I have the resources of time and energy to make a serious impact in this world.  Each day I carry out small quality actions on a sustained focused basis in these parks, so that I have a cumulative impact over time from multiple small actions.

Broken Windows Theory is a social theory worth knowing about if you want to enhance your local community.  It is likely that the problems in your community started from small beginnings and grew to a fully blown crisis.  People follow…

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