Lamb Shank Navarin

Food Glorious Food

Saw this recipe on Taste dot com. It’s a fantastic site. Type in any recipe you’re after and it will turn up on Taste dot com.
I’ve cooked lamb shanks before, but when I watched that French Film, ‘Le Chef’ with Jean Reno, I was inspired to see what a Navarin was like. Lots of variations on the recipe as there always are when you Google, so I’m guessing it’s not strictly a Navarin. I like lamb shanks and thought if I stuffed up the recipe, then I haven’t wasted my money on a more expensive cut of meat.

I doubt that the Chef in that movie would have approved of this version as it has frozen peas in it (shock horror) and the chicken stock in this recipe probably isn’t home-made (who has the time). Still it’s delicious. I made it the other day using fresh processed tomatoes…

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