Update on Hawthorne Berry Tincture

Natural antihypertensive


Hello everyone! I recently posted about how Hawthorne Berry Tincture is supposed to help reduce blood pressure and so this June I decided to and made this Hawthorne Berry Tincture and set it aside for 6 weeks for later use. Well we have been taking a tablespoon full each day of this tincture in either a glass of water or juice for about four weeks now and I have also continued to drink my daily cups of hibiscus tea along with this.

Well it’s my greatest pleasure to announce that since taking it for just the four weeks on a daily basis my blood pressure has returned to normal. It is so amazing! I am so happy with these results and that it worked so quickly and in such a short period of time and one day I even went for a doctor’s visit and the nurse said my blood…

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