Daily Prompt: I’d Like to Thank My Cats

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I have to admit, the title of this prompt is what attracted me to it. I have two cats, and I am grateful every day for their unconditional love. But that isn’t really what the prompt is about; it’s about creating an award for yourself.

Hmm…I tried on a few catchy names: the Super Supporter Award, The Creative Connector Award…I didn’t really like those names. It is hard to capture what I think I am good at and proud of, but I’ll explain it the best way I can. If you have ever played with Tinker Toys, I’m one of the unassuming little sticks that help build the final creation. (if you don’t know what tinker toys are, click here.) I look pretty plain, but I am empowered to be a part of great things!

I have so many different kinds of friends, from all walks of life, and…

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