I’m auditioning

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

When I did my interview on Our Ventura TV, the public access network covering Ventura County, CA (close to a million viewers), I thought it’d be a fun gig to do interviews on the show so I asked. To be a host you have to do two audition interviews and then you’ll hear if you made the cut. Here’s my first, which is airing this week. I interviewed Mary Saputo, who is a premier dog rescue woman who heads up Canine Adoption Rescue League (CARL), the largest non-profit privately run (by volunteers) in Ventura County, that’s rescued thousands of lives. Benny, and elderly mail furry friend, came along with her but we couldn’t get him up in a chair in camera range. Boy did I fall in love with him. If anyone who sees this lives near Ventura County and wants to stop by to see the dogs at CARL…

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