Max & Bella come out of hiding

Tara’s cousins – Max and Bella!

The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap

Hello Tara, Savannah, Clowie, Rumpy, DeDe, Sage, Misaki, Baby Rae, and all our other cyber buddies out there (if we forgot your name, blame our biped).

Me, Max: I’m a purebred rottie who was born missing a paw, thrown into a kill shelter and landed with my forever family, Terry & Paulette. When I came to them I was very ill, dehydrated, and had to be put in ICU. It took me months to get my parvo titer to take so I couldn’t be out socializing, nor could my new sister, Bella, cause my immune system was underdeveloped. The good news…I got better, my parvo titer took, and that was close to a year and half ago. Now, I’m a big boy who loves to run, play ball, go to the dog park, but most of all be a lap dog. I’m very affectionate. And, modest.

Me, Bella. I’m a…

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