In memory of Justice Verma: The Bill of Rights For Women


Justice Verma, who headed the Commission that laid down the blueprint for gender justice for women in India, died today at the age of 80.

In his memory, here is the Bill of Rights he, Justice Leela Seth and other members of the Commission drafted. You might call it ‘What Women Want’. Read it. Internalise it. And ask to live in a country where every woman has these rights, as a matter of course.

“Respect and the right to life; 
the right to dignity; 
the right to lead an independent life; 
the right to complete sexual autonomy, including the right to choose her own partners; 
the right to live in freedom from violence, trafficking and other forms of slavery; 
the right to autonomy over her body, not to be forced into medical experiments and studies against her will;
the right to prompt redressal from the State from any kind of…

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