Feminism as a tool for peace.

Girls' Globe

Previously here on Girls’  Globe we have written about what it actually means to be a feminist. The definitions might be endless but at the same time being a feminist is very simple:
1.) Feminists believe that women are typically subordinate to men in society.
2.) Feminists have a strong will to highlight and remove the aforementioned subordination.

A non-feministic society has a male-dominated hierarchal structure. Aspects associated with masculinity (i.e independence, strength, heroism) hold greater value  than feminine characteristics (i.e sensibility, weakness, dependence). This way of thinking does not exist only among individuals, but also in the international arena. Therefore, I dare to argue that communities that lack a male-dominated hierarchy but maintain a feministic mind-set inevitably sustain a more peaceful society.

Here is a sample of expressions of current male-dominated hierarchies:

  • Hindu nationalist leader Bal Thackeray said, “We had to prove that we are not eunuchs” while explaining…

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