Speaking of Nutz

The Good, Bad and Ludicrous

One of the movies I’ve watched recently was Changeling.  The scenes where the heroine, Christine Collins, is ‘Code 12’d” into the local psychiatric hospital, since she obviously was crazy for not playing the game the way her local police force wished, disturbed me greatly.  How awful to think that could really happen – to be locked away in a facility run by sadists, with no way of ever getting out.

Just think how hard it would be to prove you’re sane, when it becomes a question asked by those who don’t like you and wish you’d just go away.


The very next morning, I read a blog post dealing with the Gun Control issue.  Well written and speculative on what could be changed to decrease the number of mass shootings occurring nowadays, there was mention and debate in the comments section about the advisability of giving broader powers…

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