Heaven . . . I’m In Heaven!


Spirit Lights The Way

Once upon a time, a health conscious couple did everything right ~ they exercised, ate nutritious food, got enough sleep, and promoted wellness with every decision they made.

* They NEVER sat on the sofa with a bag of potato chips for company.


* They NEVER over-indulged at holiday parties . . . no matter what.

* They NEVER gave in to temptation by mindlessly eating a dozen cookies or a plate of cupcakes in a single sitting.


And they died anyway.

Because parts is parts and a lifetime warranty is only good for a lifetime ~ not for eternity.


When they got to heaven, they wandered into a HUGE banquet hall with an ENORMOUS buffet table overflowing with all of the food they’d been denying themselves for years.

The maître d’ encouraged them to sample as much as they wanted of anything or everything.



“Absolutely . . . it’s…

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