WHAT WOULD I DO if my Children were Taken Away by ‘Social’ Services?

No Punishment without Crime or Bereavement without Death!

Last night I spoke with a mother whose 6-year old boy had been taken – once again on the flimsiest of pretexts and the most pathetic of all ways of assuming and abusing power over parents.

First, I would check Committal to Prison – Kellie Cottam for emotional empowerment and inspiration. That’s where I found this telling picture.

I was reminded of these official statistics:

  • 75% (50,260) of children looked after on 31st March 2012 were living with foster carers – as they make £400/week…
  • 9% (5,930) were living in secure units, children’s homes or hostels
  • 5% (3,600) were living with their parents
  • 4% (2,680) were placed for adoption – so few in comparison with the 75%!!!
  • 3% (2,340) were with another placement in the community
  • 3% (1,980) were placed in residential schools or other residential settings.

I was also wondering what on earth makes them continue, even though “

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